Scale Calibration Services, Weighing Scales Calibrated
We calibrate, repair and service a wide variety of scales and weighing equipment.

We offer calibration of retail scales, food service scales, medical scales, and industrial scales from counter scales to floor scales. If your digital weighing scale or manual scale needs to be calibrated our expert scale calibration technicians can fix it right. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your scales are calibrated accurately.

Calibrating for state weights and measures in Virginia and North Carolina

Our service technicians are registered with the state weights and measures in Virginia and North Carolina with all the current needs to insure your scales are both accurate and efficient.

We also sell a wide variety of supplies accessories and parts to include: Custom scale labels, Saw blades, Grinder plates, knives, Vacuum bags, Rigid packaging, Flexible packaging, Cutlery, Food seasonings and Custom blend food seasonings.

We are available for 24 hours, 365 days out of the year and service every brand that we sell along with many other major name brand pieces of equipment.

All of us Tidewater Scale and Butcher Supplies are dedicated to provide you with excellent service with trained and professional technicians available to fit your service needs.

We have also have Preventative Maintenance programs that can be customized for your particular needs.